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The Canberra Revival Fellowship is part of a worldwide group of people from all races, walks of life, age groups and social backgrounds that share a common experience through belief in the Bible being the inspired Word of God.

Our main meetings are 10:30am each Sunday at our two locations, with other home-based meetings during the week.

North Canberra

12 Chandler St Belconnen, next to the Belconnen Public Library.

For information or queries, please contact Pr David Sunderland on 0419 414 842

South Canberra

100 Deamer Cres, Richardson

For information or queries, please contact Pr Michael Nagy on 0419 882 836

Other Locations

For the contact details of all our other Australian and International locations, visit here.

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‘We believe the Bible is the true and  inspired Word of God. ’ John 12 v 48-50