Don't blame me, I didn't eat the fruit
Becoming a Christian

Don't blame me, I didn't eat the fruit

P Michael Nagy  |  30 Sep 2018

The Bible says that all have sinned as we have all inherited a carnal nature. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree, it shined a light on our sinful nature. This is why we all need Jesus Christ as our saviour.

Even though we weren't in the Garden of Eden, we would have eventually done what Adam and Eve did and eat the fruit. Why? Because of we all have a sinful nature, separate from God. 

The solution is Jesus and his perfect sacrifice. The blood covering of Jesus means that God doesn't see our sin, and we can be presented blameless to God. 


‘We claim to be a 21st century version of that church first established and described in the book of Acts. ’ Our claim