How God speaks today
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How God speaks today

Robert Riggs  |  11 Nov 2018

God has spoken to mankind in many different ways over the years. He used prophets, scripture, revelation and Jesus Christ. Where can we go for His authoritative Word today?

Heb 1:1 (AMP) In many separate revelations, each of which set forth a portion of the Truth, and in different ways, God spoke of old to forefathers in and by the prophets.

This scripture reflects the sense that all the different prophecies were a part of the whole. Over time, each of the prophets received a little more – so Isaiah had more than Moses who had more than Abraham who had more than Noah who had more than Adam. Each revealing more of God’s plan, especially about Christ and our restoration to Him.

So how does God talk to us today? Through His wonderful scripture that He's caused to be brought together for us, and through the Spirit that reveals the scriptures.

Robert Riggs


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