NT in 100 days 9: Grace, love, life
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NT in 100 days 9: Grace, love, life

P Dave Sunderland  |  08 Apr 2018

Continuing our 100 day journey through the New Testament, this week is Acts 15-17 and the letters to the Galatians, Philippians and Thessalonians - all churches that Paul established on his first journey.

During this period covering perhaps 20 years in Acts, we read about the first serious doctrinal issue raised and dealt with; what to do when conflicts arise between people of God; and the wisest and cleverest sermon. In the letters, Paul deals comprehensively with grace, shares the love of God, and gives wise instruction about living life.

P Dave Sunderland


‘We believe the Bible is the true and  inspired Word of God. ’ John 12 v 48-50