Vanuatu News - Nov 2015

Vanuatu News - Nov 2015

09 Nov 2015

Thanks to all those who contributed so generously to the cyclone appeal...

Thanks to all those who contributed so generously to the cyclone appeal. 

Your support has enabled a team of local brethren in Tanna, under the supervision and guidance of Pastor Grant Medway from Moruya, to rebuild three church buildings to be cyclone resistant, and to re-roof the shop in Lenakel.  All buildings now have water tanks connected to their roofs.

Chris Howes has arranged restocking the store and delivery of provisions by boat from Vila and will be working with Leader John Harry who will manage the store, cafe and street market.  Chicken farms are under construction for provision of both eggs and meat, all these projects assisting our fellowships there to become more financially independent.

In October Pastor Michael Nagy and myself, together with Vanuatu’s senior pastor Willy Rouvoune, ran two three day sessions of teaching for pastors, leaders and their wives, one on the island of Tanna and one in Port Vila.

In Tanna we met in the town of Lenakel with pastors, leaders and their wives from Green Point, Yeruareng, Enarauia, and Yetavak, and we also received a very warm welcome when we did a day trip to visit the brethren in those villages.

In Vila we met the local leaders and their wives and those from the islands of Santo (Luganville and Siloe), Malekula (Bulbul and Caroline Bay, also the new leader from Malekula’s east coast), and from Lombahu in north Ambae.

The teaching was greatly appreciated particularly where we covered topics like our basic doctrines and pastor’s manual guidelines, baptism with the Holy Spirit - the key to salvation, the tabernacle, and devils & angels, particularly relevant because of the strength of witchcraft in some islands.  All teaching was translated into Bislama and plastic leaf folders were provided to everyone attending.

The church in Vanuatu is thriving, especially in Santo where donations also enabled purchase of the land adjoining the church building in Luganville to provide for future expansion. 

Pastor Bob Beverley


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