Our Pastors

  • Pr Bob Beverley

    Pr Bob Beverley
    Tel 0417 410 306

    Pastor Bob Beverley and his wife, Anne, joined our fellowship in the early ‘70s. He was then an atheist, enjoying work as an architect, but his life changed dramatically when he was baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit. He now has a senior oversight role in both Canberra assemblies, as well as providing counsel as needed for our NSW pastors and representing NSW and Vanuatu on the Revival Fellowship Council. Pastor Bob has also been closely involved in the establishment of our churches in Vanuatu from early 2002, learning to communicate in Bislama, appointing and supporting local leadership and visiting with Australian brethren twice a year.

  • Pr Chris Allen

    Pr Chris Allen
    Tel 0402 383 959

    Pastor Chris Allen grew up as a committed Catholic, moving to Canberra from Wagga to study accountancy. He came into contact with our fellowship as a young man, and was eventually persuaded of the need for baptism as a believer with the expectation of receiving the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chris, with his wife Lili and family, have served the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully in Canberra since the early 70s. He has a special commitment to providing premarital and marriage counselling, as well as financial advice and assistance to the fellowship generally.

  • Pr David Sunderland

    Pr David Sunderland
    Tel 0419 414 842

    Pastor David Sunderland was born again when a young boy and moved from his home town in Morwell, Victoria, to study Science at the ANU. He and his wife Fiona have been members of our fellowship since their youth, seeing all their three children born again when young teenagers. Over the years they and their family have made a great contribution to our music, children's and youth activities, and he is now the senior pastor in our Belconnen church.

  • Pr Michael Nagy

    Pr Michael Nagy
    Tel 0419 882 836

    Pastor Michael Nagy leads our Southside Church in Chisholm. He came to our fellowship as a young man working for the Snowy Mountains Authority in Cooma, and was persuaded of the need to receive the Holy Spirit while doing a training course in Sydney. After marrying Angela, he spent several years caring for small assemblies in Cooma and the Latrobe Valley, before returning to Canberra in 1996 and is now our senior pastor in our Tuggeranong church. Pastor Michael has also been a member of our 'Vision 20' program of co-operative state wide projects since its inception.

  • Pr Nick Allan

    Pr Nick Allan
    Tel 0400 885 085

    Pastor Nick Allan with his wife Brenda and their family has been dedicated to serving the Lord for many years. Our fellowship has greatly benefited from his encouraging preaching, calm assurance and wise counsel. Pastor Nick is also involved in the provision of our computing and audio-visual facilities.

‘We claim to be a 21st century version of that church first established and described in the book of Acts. ’ Our claim