01 Mar 2015

PsalmPilot is a free song selection and projection program for the Revival Fellowship. 

PsalmPilot is great for making up your song lists. You can categories songs, search by name or number, check how often you've used a song, preview the words, resequence songs in your list, and print out lists.

You can also create a file of your songs for loading into WorshipHim or PsalmPilot on your projection computer - perfect for putting it on a USB memory stick to take to your projection computer at church.

PsalmPilot uses early versions (up to v4.0) of the WorshipHim projection database files used by some fellowships.

Option 1

Download this file if you have never installed PsalmPilot on your computer. If you are changing computers, download and install this file, and then copy over the contents of the C:\My Documents\WorshipHim folder to your new computer to keep all your song lists and changes.


Option 2

If the Option 1 install advises that you are missing components, download this zip file, expand it and run the setup.exe file. This option includes all those missing components (that are usually available already on most computers).


Option 3

This is the latest update of Song words. (Last updated 2010).



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