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I didn't realise I was searching

I didn't realise I was searching

04 May 2018

I was invited to a revival meeting in Adelaide and went along even though I didn't realise I was searching, or had anything missing - I was a project manager doing well in my life.

However at a midweek meeting I prayed to receive the Holy Spirit and burst out speaking in tongues - I immediately knew the words of Jesus were true 'I am in my Father, you in me, and I in you'. My response to baptism was complete fear - I knew this was sealing the contract, and that I would never walk away. From that time my life was completely changed.

Just before our marriage an accident left me with a perforated disc in my neck - C6 and C7 - and I suffered constant pain for six years. I couldn't work or hold the babies as my hands were numb, some days the pain was so severe I couldn't get out of bed. I didn't know why I had to suffer but many things happened along the way where we have seen God's blessing.

The Lord blessed Angela's business to the point where it overtook the income I had lost. High percentages of suicides and marriage breakups occur due to chronic pain and the insurance psychologist said the only reason I was still alive was because of my faith in God.

We began to looking at the positives instead of the negatives, counting our blessings and looking to see the glory of God revealed. Today I am pain free and working daily on the construction of our house.

David Lane



‘The simple message that we are preaching, the same old Bible message, is a new message again - plain, powerful and exciting. ’ Pr Bob Beverley, Canberra