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Susie's healing

Susie's healing

20 Nov 2016

In February this year I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. They are stroke-like migraines that paralysed me on the left side of my body, my face would drop, I would have slurred speech. This would last for twenty minutes or more and the migraine headache would last between 8-20 hours and I would occasionally black out.


I was told that this condition is something that affects the brain, a neurological condition. I used to get these migraines without warning 2-3 times a week, and I couldn't go to work.

This went on for over six months leaving me housebound and needing people to care for me. Doctors told me that Botox was the only course of treatment that would work, but after the first round I began to get worse.

We had a prayer and fast, then three weeks later at the Sunday meeting I had a sense that I had been healed. I can't put the feeling into words but I just knew I had been healed, and from that time on I have had no more migraines or paralysis.

The doctor didn't believe it and still wanted to give me the Botox regardless, but now my medications have been reduced, I can drive again, I'm no longer house-bound and the neurologist no longer needs to see me. 

Susie Basiaco



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