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Thankful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Thankful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

01 May 2018

I was born in Burundi to a family who were not Christian and in primary school moved to live with my older sister.

Growing up, I had many health issues that could not be explained - inflammation of the body, chronic headaches, seeping sores on my body, terrible dreams where I couldn't sleep for days, and I felt something was preventing me thinking properly.

Looking back I wondered if it related to my parents practising rituals, evil spirits following the family.

Miraculously, after year 6 God helped me get the highest marks in all the schools around about. Still nothing made me happy because of the mental torture and in high school I was always sick. I started going to Christian meetings and one day they preached about the man at the pool of Bethesda. Something touched me in my heart.

Some time later I went to another meeting and when I went to the front to pray I experienced a spiritual battle between the powers of darkness and the fire of God. They prayed and prayed for me and the symptoms began to disappear.

After high school I went into military service, and there I experienced chest pain, my lungs were found to be full of fluid - the specialist saw the X-ray results and expected me to die, but I said I would be healed. The next X-ray showed all the fluid drained away and I was sent home.

I was baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit, I finished my university degree and got a job.

Joyce and I were married and after more difficulties and dangerous situations we were able to come to Australia in 2015, and one day while we were looking for a church we walked past the Revival Fellowship building on our way to Westfield.

We are thankful that the Holy Spirit was guiding us.

Eloi Nsabumuremyi



‘We believe the Bible is the true and  inspired Word of God. ’ John 12 v 48-50